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Selecting a craftsperson can be a stressful experience. Will they do a quality job? Will I get value for money? If you had the choice of using someone you found online or using someone who had independent accreditation, wouldn’t you take the latter for peace of mind?

With our Find a Professional search facility that's exactly what you should get. We only approve members with relevant qualifications and proven track record and it's all backed up by references. All members commit to uphold our standards and traditions and this is reflected in our Code of Conduct.

To find a craftsperson working in wood trades near you, simply search by county (use the full county name not the abbreviation - e.g. Buckinghamshire not Bucks) and you will be able to retrieve a list of all members in your area. Don't forget to search the surrounding counties to widen your search. Please note the following terms of use:

  • The Find a Professional search facility is provided by the IOC for members of the Institute to advertise their services. (If you are an existing member of the IOC (at MIOC or FIOC) and would like your details included in this free search facility, please contact head office: info@instituteofcarpenters.com).
  • Inclusion in this listing does not mean that the Institute is endorsing any particular individual or company.
  • Those using the site to locate craftsmen and women are advised to ask for references and to satisfy themselves as to the craftsperson's competence.
  • The IOC will not be held liable for any dispute arising between craftsmen who are listed on the site and their clients.
  • Those listed in Find a Professional have demonstrated their competence by passing recognised craft examinations or by having undergone a formal, rigorous in-depth interview to determine the extent of their knowledge.
  • By becoming a member of the IOC craftsmen are agreeing to promote excellence in all they undertake.
  • This is not a complete list of members only those who have asked for their contact information to be shared with the public.  If you are trying to check if someone is a member of the IOC and they don't appear here, they could still be a member.  Please contact Head Office if you require any assistance.
Key to membership grades:
FIOC      Fellow of the Institute of Carpenters
MIOC     Member of the Institute of Carpenters
You can find out more about IOC membership grades here.


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