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Membership grades & fees

The Institute of Carpenters is a long-standing organisation for professionals working in wood trades.  From members who are just starting out in their career as students, through to time served carpenters who run their own business and also larger construction companies, we’ve got the right grade for you!  

The IOC has always encouraged its members to up-skill wherever possible and we make it a policy to upgrade your existing membership level to reflect these changes in your career.  It is not uncommon for a Licentiate member to progress to Member grade and then onwards to become a Fellow of the Institute.  Some even go on to apply for their Master Certificate – the highest recognition of quality and experience in our trade.

The table below gives an indication of which level of membership an individual may be eligible for based on qualifications or IOC exam passed or professional experience.  If you don’t clearly fall into one of the boxes below, it doesn’t mean that you can’t become a member of the Institute as we are very happy to conduct structured interviews to assess your skills as a craftsman.  If you would like a no obligation chat, please click here.

IOC Membership Grade Fellow
Affiliate Student
Current MIOC and a minimum Level 4 managerial qualification in construction or wood manufacturing. NVQ level 3 or City & Guilds Advanced Craft Certificate (or equivalent) in a wood trade. NVQ level 2 or City & Guilds Craft Certificate (or equivalent) in a wood trade. Part qualified student who does not yet meet the requirements for LIOC. Student currently training for craftsmanship on a recognised college course in one of the wood trades. 
IOC membership exam passed Fellowship Advanced Craft Certificate (practical & theory) Advanced Craft Certificate (practical) Intermediate exam or Intermediate Construction Award or equivalent in one of the wood trades n/a
Professional experience As for MIOC with the addition of managerial experience and supported by references. Working craftsman with experience of working independently or within a team and having taken on additional responsibilities and supported by references. Working craftsman with experience of working independently or within a team and supported by references. None - but an Affiliate member can upgrade to LIOC once they have achieved Level 2 NVQ and industrial experience. Note: Student membership is allowed for up to 4 years while enrolled on a course of study as detailed above.
Fees 1 £137 per year 1 £120 per year 1 £88 per year 1 £23 (IOC college)
£33 (non-IOC college)
FREE (IOC college) ²
£18 (non-IOC college) ²

If you are a student interested in joining the Institute and your college is not already a member, why not tell them about IOC College Membership so that you can benefit from free membership for the duration of your studies on a woodworking related course + 1 year after graduation? College membership rates are £137.00 p.a.

Other membership types:

Associate - We also welcome members who are not qualified in the trade but are interested in being involved with the Institute as they can bring additional skills that our professional members do not necessarily have experience of.  As an Associate member you are still entitled to attend meetings, visits, social occasions and contribute towards furthering the aims of the Institute.  Associate Members are charged the same fees as Licentiate members.

If you are interested in finding out about School, College or Corporate membership please click here.


1 Reduced by £5 when paid by monthly direct debit.  All entry fees include a welcome pack and a certificate of membership.  Your membership fee covers your annual fee and a new membership card for each year that you remain a member.

 ² Applies for the duration of studies + 1 year. Membership of the IOC can then be taken up at a reduced rate - £60 year 1, £85 year 2,  full membership fees year 3 onwards.





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